To Get Rid of Insects with Essential Repellents

To Get Rid of Insects with Essential Repellents

There’s nothing more disturbing than seeing insects that can eventually become pests in your home. Some insects can provoke allergies and asthma, or worse, carry deadly diseases like typhoid and polio and if you live in the tropics, malaria and dengue fever). The worst part is they are resilient little critters, opposing even the most deadly chemicals that are present in most industrial standard insect repellents.

If you keep seeing insects in your home, maybe it’s the time to change the ways of cleaning your house. Each time you ate your meal make sure you regularly sweep your floor to swept the food crumbs on the floor, and always sweep the bottom of the furniture to prevent them from laying eggs. Finally, try one of these essential resistants:  

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many uses from beauty products to pest control. mix some drops of vinegar and water and place in spraying bottles to save more than buy insect resistant.

Cucumber slices        

are just temporary solutions to get rid insects, Place the slices of the cucumber where they often see and side edges or corners of the house, and replace it each day for effective exterminate.

Eucalyptus Oil

If you love the scent, essential oils and diffusers. Place ten drops of eucalyptus oil into the water placed in the spray bottle and spray it where the place often you see the insects.


There are many benefits of lemon juice, in whitening the teeth and removing stains in clothing, but it can also be for getting rid of insects. Just cut the lemon into small pieces and place in a small container and place it in a place where you do not want to see those insects.

Baking soda and sugar

A lot of were really amazed by the power of the baking soda, but you also know that it is also effective for getting rid insects? You have to just mix baking soda and sugar, and that’s the bait for the insects, and just place it in the place where many insects are.

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