Alfonso, Cavite, a farmland haven near Tagaytay

Alfonso, Cavite, a farmland haven near Tagaytay


Cavite is known for its rich history and is called the historic capital of the Philippines. But aside from that, Cavite is also rich when it comes to agricultural land.

Alfonso, Cavite

Alfonso is known as the agri-industrial center of upland Cavite. Its climate and location make it an area perfect for agricultural activities. It serves as one of the food baskets of Cavite and Metro Manila. The town is also known for its abundance in supplying cut flowers hereby making it the flower center of Cavite. Alfonso is considered home to private and corporate farm ventures of all kinds, as well as eco-tourism entrepreneurs, and retirees.

Many investors look to Alfonso for the great tracts of farm land, the fresh breezes and the wonderfully cool climate.

Farm Land for sale in Alfonso, Cavite

One delightful example of farmland in Alfonso, Cavite is this charming 9,000 square meter farm land tucked in the heart of Alfonso.  It features an array of different crops and a gently sloping mountain land that gives you views of the ocean from the highest brow of the property.  This is right next door to Tagaytay (right across Spledido Taal) and a leisurely drive to Calaruega and Nasugbu, Batangas.

The first half of the farm is planted with a number of narra, guyabano, santol, banana, and mango trees. Crops of tomatoes and pineapples are also planted on site by a resident farmer.

From the front end of the land, you get a beautiful mountain view and when you are at the very end of the property, you get a view of the South China Sea as this already looks out towards Nasugbu, Batangas.

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Here are some popular tourist destinations near Alfonso, Cavite.

Gingerbread House
Alfonso, Cavite

A perfect tourist destination for kids and kids at heart. Located at Brgy. Palumlum, Alfonso. Rekindle the child within and play inside The Gingerbread House, a tourist attraction open Mondays to Sundays from 8am – 6 pm. Kids 2 feet and below can come in for free. Learn more about the Gingerbread House on their Facebook page at:

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Caleruega Church
Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

The Calaruega church is a little slice of garden heaven on earth. It’s perched on a high cliff overlooking the Batulao mountain range and it proudly offers one of the most favorite places to tie the knot amidst the beauty of nature. Caleruega is an ideal location for self-renewal (retreats, seminars and workshops), family picnics and, of course, saying ‘I do’!

Reptiland Adventure
Alfonso, Cavite

The newest theme park located in Alfonso, Metro-Tagaytay, Reptiland Adventure amusement park offers Reptile Animatronics, Haunted woodland, Mini Zoo, Team Building Amenities, Life-sized cartoon characters with a touch of the Filipino culture. Special sensors detect the body heat of the visitors to the park which triggers the motion of the animals. Prepare to shriek in delight! You can learn more about Reptiland Adventure on their Facebook page:

Sky Ranch
Tagaytay City

If you’re looking for the funnest way to enjoy the Taal volcano view, it most probably will be while riding the Ferris wheel in Sky Ranch, an amusement park perched atop the Tagaytay Ridge that gives park-goers a wonderfully unobstructed view of the surrounding lake and volcano.  The amusement park offers various rides and games that will keep the kids enthralled for hours.  Parents can sit at the adjoining park and enjoy the breathtaking view.  Learn more about Skyranch on their Facebook page:

Splendido Taal Country Club

Surrounded by the endless beauty of nature and caressed with a soothing mountain breeze, Splendido Taal Country Club is also famous amongst those looking for wedding venues that offer splendid, unobstructed views. Overlooking the majestic view of Taal Lake along the Tagaytay Ridge, this hotel / resort boasts a wonderful breeze sweeping in from the lake. Many function areas / rooms in the hotel are frequented by companies hosting seminars and events. This is located along Tagaytay – Nasugbu national highway Alfonso, Cavite. You can learn more about Splendido on their Facebook page:

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