Eight Condo Amenities Filipino Homebuyers Are Looking for

Eight Condo Amenities Filipino Homebuyers Are Looking for

Eight Condo Amenities Filipino Homebuyers Are Looking for

Over the last decade, and despite economic challenges, the Philippines has gradually transformed into a real estate hotspot. Its booming real estate industry shows that as the country becomes increasingly developed and highly urbanized, a major shift in demographics favoring those in search of either renting or buying condominium units have also increased, especially among young professionals, who now have higher spending power.

However, Filipino homebuyers are well aware of the drawbacks of condo living, and not having individual lots as single-detached houses do can be a bit of a disadvantage for some. This is why top-notch real estate developers have come up with several different ways to attract potential condo-buyers. Apart from location, structural integrity, building design, and 24/7 security, plus additional perks and discounts, real estate developers make it a point that all amenities are family-friendly, uniquely beautiful and luxurious, and with a “wow” factor that Filipino homebuyers would really want.

We have put together a list of some of these highly sought-after condo amenities, starting with…

1. Swimming Pools and Lounge Areas

Filipinos love the water and with the excruciating summer heat that we experience all the time, it is really a must for condos to have swimming pools and lounge areas. A condo development without any swimming pool will seem very empty and dull. Likewise, any buyer who intends to have the condo unit either rented out or lived in will find that having swimming pools definitely adds value to the property.

2. Children’s Playground or Indoor Activity Area

Condo units have limited spaces and Filipino families with small children always look for condo developments that are child-friendly. This is beneficial especially for parents who find it important that their kids will engage in physical activities and have fun, and at the same time learn to socialize with other kids.

3. High-speed and Stable Internet Connection

Over the years, Internet usage in the Philippines has risen rapidly, especially with the proliferation of more affordable smartphones. According to Lamudi’s 2017 White Paper, at least 44 percent of Filipinos today are active Internet users, so it is a vital part for Filipinos to have high speed and stable Internet connection especially for young professionals and businessmen. Real estate developers must make it a point that future condo residents will not have any Internet connection problems.

4. Fitness Center

Having a fitness center (some may even include a spa) within a condo development is a good motivation to buy especially for Filipinos who have the passion to be consistently active and healthy. Instead of going outside their place of residence and paying extra for spa facilities and gym membership, having these amenities will definitely save a lot of time and money.

5. Mini Cinema or Movie Room

Homebuyers will appreciate having a mini-cinema or movie room where they can watch movies without having to worry about complaints regarding loud speakers and noise. Good quality speakers matched with big television or projector screens and soundproof walls and floors that will simulate the similar ambiance of a real movie theater are a perfect entertainment amenity for movie buffs and couch potatoes.

6. Gardens and Picnic Areas

Condos’ limited living spaces make gardens and common picnic areas highly sought-after by Filipino homebuyers. This is because having some greenery is something that is very cool and relaxing to the eyes. Likewise, a grassy picnic area where families can sit and spend some time together will be very helpful in relieving stress. Many condo developments nowadays offer Zen gardens, rooftop gardens, or balcony gardens for residents to enjoy.

7. Clubhouse and Function Rooms

Filipino families love having huge gatherings to celebrate special occasions, and having a well-equipped clubhouse or function room that can accommodate a large number of people is very important. It is also beneficial that they don’t have to go far from home whenever a venue is needed for special family celebrations. And for professionals who need to conduct special business meetings, a well-equipped conference room will be extremely useful.

8. Music Room and Artist Studio

A Filipino homebuyer understands that one drawback of condo living is the lack of space for creative activities. Real estate developers should consider that homebuyers who are into arts will need to enhance their talents and the best way to achieve this is by providing ample spaces for them to use and at the same time collaborate with others who have similar passion.

There are many more amenities that Filipino homebuyers will definitely look for when it comes to condo living, and the possibilities are endless depending on their needs. Real estate developers should continuously innovate and be unique in their design perspective in order to make condo living more attractive for Filipinos. Last but not the least, a thorough study and research to achieve an eco-friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable living environment must be done in order to help improve the lives of future condo residents.

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Source: White Paper at http://www.lamudi.com.ph/whitepaper-2017.