Big data, Smart ads PLDT extends expertise into real estate sector

Big data, Smart ads PLDT extends expertise into real estate sector

(The Philippine Star) – May 27, 2016 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – With an eye to optimize its business impact, PLDT has rolled out a line-up of services to support the burgeoning Philippine real estate industry through its large enterprise group PLDT Alpha Enterprise.

“Real estate companies face the challenge of zeroing in on relevant market segments given the diversity of property buyers’ needs. Real estate developers need to change the way they seek and use information so that they can offer development to the right target market more granularly and effectively,” said PLDT Alpha Enterprise head Jovy Hernandez.

Knowing which products the market needs, however, is not easy in the absence of information on prospective buyers’ lifestyles and priorities. Real estate developers therefore face the risk of not being able to reach their target market effectively and efficiently.

Harnessing Big Data capabilities, PLDT Alpha Enterprise leads in the introduction of several innovative digital services that equip enterprises with tools that can help them achieve better business results.

In particular, Big Data insights are used to change how real estate companies validate their property developments and project design, and to have a better understanding of the profile of their target market. These solutions guide them in knowing if they are designing the right properties for people in the area.

To showcase the impact of these services, one of the country’s fast growing property firms saw a change in its business results from enlisting PLDT Alpha Enterprise’s services such as Big Data and Smart Ads. These solutions helped them better understand the demographics and lifestyles of their customer base, allowing them to better serve and reach out to these potential clients in an effective and cost-efficient way.

Big Data enables the combination of several subscriber attributes which can be used to gain insights into their socio-economic class, lifestyle and mobility patterns. This can help the property developer in terms of design and pricing, such as identifying the size of the property per unit, and identifying what amenities and facilities will be relevant to the target market.

Big Data also enables Smart Ads, which helps enterprises gather insights on the activity profile, home location and interests of the market profiled. Data on subscriber’s preference to use calls, texts or internet data can be used for marketing purposes, while data on their most visited websites may be used for digital marketing. Hot spots or high density areas can also be identified from the data, which the property developer can use to place ads or conduct pre-selling activities. This service allows developers to provide meaningful and relevant content that is most useful for their needs based on location, behavior and demographics.

“Big data continues to open new possibilities that can dramatically change the way real estate firms do business and stay ahead of the competition in the Philippines by providing meaningful intelligence that can spur business growth,” said Hernandez.

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