5 Necessary Elements of an Efficient Closet

5 Necessary Elements of an Efficient Closet

A walk-in-closet is the second to the last storage solution for households. Having a large space for your clothes and an area to get dressed can be pricey for those who are living in small condo units or houses, but there are creative means on how you can make sure that you can maximize your closets’ efficiency.

Tip 1: Vary your shelving

Mix up your cabinet types and shelves to cater to the specific storage needs of your wardrobe items.  Here’s a good suggested mix:

  • drawers (for folded items, underwear, jewelry)
  • open shelving (for bags and shoes)
  • racks (for hanging suits and dresses)
  • closed cabinetry (for things that can be hidden away or protected from dust).
Mixed shelving, drawers and cabinets









Tip 2: Have a good dresser

Although some houses may have actual dresser tables and chairs, you can get creative and make your own out of whatever tiny space may be available.  A small unused ledge can be an automatic dresser when you install a mirror above it and bring in a chair to sit on while you put your face on in the morning.

Tip 3: Swing-up doors

These types of cabinet doors are best for the top-most shelves where you keep items you don’t use everyday, like luggage and bed sheets.  They also free up your hands so you can easily pull out or store your stuff without having to hold up the cabinet doors.

Tip 4: Glass cabinet doors

Your designer bags, shoes and jewelry can become part of your decor in the closet when you display them using cabinet doors with glass windows.  They also make the hunt for these items much quicker! Enjoy sitting down on a chair in front of your wardrobe and putting together an outfit just by picking them out from behind the glass display.

Glass front cabinet doors









Tip 5: Angled Shoe Shelves

For those that have a large collection of shoes, you can maximize the storage and display of these by adding angled shoe shelves that let you choose which pair to wear quickly. Add edges to the shelves that keep the shoes from falling to the floor.

This was inspired by an article on Real Living Philippines entitled 5 Essential Details Of An Efficient Closet.